Our Partners

  • Ankur

    Ankur, a USA based organization of NRBs, time to time extends their support to Swapnanagar. One of our major challenges, the transportation of teachers and distant students, has been solved with Angkur support. They have given us donation to buy a Tempo, an improvised local public vehicle. Before this it was a big challenge for us to ensure the teachers at school regularly and on-time, particularly during rains. The surplus part of this help was spent in building new classrooms. We remember, once they cheered our kids with a parcel-of-joy filled with toys and clothing. Ankur, the most trusted friend, with whom Swapnanagar doesn’t blush to share its soul.
    About Ankur: http://www.ankur-international.org/

  • Batayan

    Bayatayan Foundation, a USA based organization is keen to work on the education system of Bangladesh. At present Batayan is involved with few peer organizations to provide a happy childhood through innovative projects.

  • Light of Hopes

    Light of Hope (LoH) is a non-profit organization dedicated for improving quality of education through innovative use of ICT, solar energy and interactive learning methods. LoH works in collaboration with its local partners to implement various projects throughout Bangladesh. Under ‘Digital School Project’, LoH provides energy efficient solar-run multimedia classroom support to off-grid and semi off-grid schools. LoH provided Projector & Light in Swapnanagar Bidyaniketon which is power by solar system. LoH & SBN works jointly in concept generation & experience sharing.
    About LoH: https://www.facebook.com/light.of.hope.bangladesh?fref=ts

  • Friends

    Contribute & be a part of Swapnanagar Bidyaniketon. We accept funds from our well wishers. We spend this fund for the development purpose like: (Building School Shed & its maintenance, Furniture, Toilet etc)