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Empower, Educate, and provide for a child in need

You can donate via Bank:

Swapnanagar’s Bank Details:
Account Name: Swapnanagar
Account Name: 182 003 1552
Dhaka Bank,
Jubilee Road Branch, Chittagong.

You can also donate through online by following plugin:

Currently we receive fund in the following schemes:
a) Academic Guardianship
b) One time Donation

Academic Guardianship:
We want to facilitate our students by ensuring adequate learning materials, school uniform, good health and finally with qualified teachers for proper education. To reach this goal we look forward to Academic Guardians for every student. We have an increasing number of students which is 65 right now.

Academic Guardianship means to be the guardian of at least a single student conceiving parental approach. The guardian will bear the expenses of a student’s education. (books, copy, stationary, tiffin, school uniform etc ).The guardian will also give opinions on the progress of the students.The guardian will pay Tk. 1000 (USD 15$) per month (estimated for the year of 2012).

One time donation:
We accept funds from our well wishers. We spend this fund for the development purpose like: (Building School Shed & its maintenance, Furniture, Toilet etc.)