About us

Swapnanagar Bidyaniketan is a rural school in Bangladesh, physically standing on the border of Potiya and Chandanaish Upazila in Chittagong district. In terms of financial operation Swapnanagar is a collective school sourcing its expenses from well-wishers and academic guardians. Of course a part of it is also coming from participatory contributions-in-various-forms of our senior students and their parents, and other neighbors. In terms of academic operation it is a primary school (up to level five) following national curriculum of Bangladesh. A mentionable characteristic we have with most other traditional schools – is our academic activities to promote active learning. Yet active learning is assumed as a ‘luxury’ mode in schools accessible for poor mass. Since our kids are deprived of any learning support from their families and society we have been in a continuously developing teaching-learning environment where kids are getting relatively full academic support from the school alone. Swapnanagar focuses more on quality of learning rather than quantity of enrollment.