Training on A Creative Classroom: Part 1

Training on A Creative Classroom: Part 1

We have started an interactive training session on ‘A Creative Classroom’. The objective is to focus on how to theater a class-lesson optimizing available opportunities in a particular classroom. To be more specific – the training will bring the light on creative use of wall, floor & ceiling, furniture, yard, window, boards, teaching materials etc to serve the goal of a lesson for both the teacher & student.

On 15th august 2011, we had our first session. On that morning, first we tried to find out- ‘How many elements, friendly or unfriendly, form a classroom?’ After naming numerous we felt that these are unlimited in number and unpredictable in nature. So, then we were trying to classify them and after a short debate we agreed on two basic categories, – Human Element & Non-Human Element.

1)      Human Element: Student, teacher, guardian

2)      Non-Human Element: Other living & non-living objects.




Redefine ‘Teacher’:

As we all were teacher over there, we decided to bring ‘Teacher’ under the microscope to redefine it. We started searching the core attributes of a teacher with a keen mind. Findings started coming out one after one from all participants and we were putting those in a tentative list. After a long storm, when all brains were exhausted, we had found a miles long list. Then we started a filter-process over the list under the light of Montessori’s concept. Here first we took help from books. It facilitates us to bring most of the subordinate points under broader umbrellas.

Finally we decided on eight source points to redefine a teacher. We concluded as follows:

A Teacher is the

1. Designer of the environment (i.e. classroom)

2. Resource person (for a given problem)

3. Course & lesson planner

4. Role model (to have ideas on progressive human trails)

5. Demonstrator (of the world)

6. Record keeper (refers to documentary things)

7. Meticulous observer (refers to social & human things)

8. Facilitator (to develop)

9. Inspirator (to act)

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